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©2020 by Kamil Toume

Separating grain from chaff

A lack of understanding and misunderstanding of leadership, especially by those at the top within organizations, have caused major problems. Most managers and leaders are lost in mistaken business beliefs and practices inherited from the industrial and factory model of management. Poor leadership accelerated the dehumanization in the business world which has tightened its grip on people’s lives.





In this systematic dehumanization, most companies have become less interested in meeting people’s genuine needs. They view customers as purchasing machines whose powers are in buying anything that is produced and employees as cogs in the machine that are replaceable and disposable. The challenge is how to overcome the corporate age top-down hierarchies that taught organizations to favor profit maximization and lay people off to balance the books.

Separating Grain from Chaff

The book does not only redefine leadership about its true meaning, It provides the scale to discern the contributors from the non-contributors and the leaders from the non-leaders.

Note for the readers

This book is not written for the conformists, but rather for the leaders irrespective of the rank, tile or endeavor.